In today’s ever-evolving fitness market, creating workouts that are innovative is the name of the game. People want fast delivery; they don’t want to read a novel that tells them the history; they just want the answers. Using animated GIFs to create unforgettable and intuitive workouts for your clients is one of those innovative ways to share and deliver fitness instruction.

For innovative fitness mentorship and training, the animated GIF is an incredible tool used by top trainers around the world to scale their business and offer clients the fast instruction they desire. Elite Trainr is leading the way in this regard with its powerful personal training business management platform that’s revolutionizing the way trainers run and scale their businesses.

In this article, we’re going to go over seven tips to make your personal training or athletic training business scale with ease and utmost professionalism. For more significant profits and less headaches, ensure you read through each tip carefully so you can take full advantage of the information we’re about to share. So, please sit back, keep reading, and let’s get this journey started.

Understanding the Power of Animated Workouts

A screenshot of an animated leg exercise GIF used inside of the Elite Trainr app.
A second screenshot of an animated leg exercise GIF used inside of the Elite Trainr app.

As a trainer, you know that in-person is the best way to teach someone the proper form and techniques for effective and safe workouts. However, there are only so many hours in the day when you can dedicate your precious time. Furthermore, you can’t precisely fly across the country to train someone on the other side.

So, how do you scale your fitness business? 

The answer is to digitize your training so you can share it with more people in more places. However, filming multiple workouts to share can be extremely time-consuming, to say the least. Moreover, there’s editing, lighting, and all sorts of other considerations to think about. There’s an easier way to have adequate visual aids in workout comprehension. Let me introduce you to the animated GIF.

GIFs are not a new technology. In fact, the GIF file format was created back in 1987 by Stephen Earl Wilhite – an American computer scientist who worked for CompuServe. (1) Rather, animated GIFs used for physical exercise and athletic training are somewhat of a new and exciting way to use the GIF file format. At the forefront of this use case is an app called Elite Trainr.

Elite Trainr is an application that’s built for trainers. It includes over 3,000 animated GIFs that you can use to create killer workouts for the benefit of your clients. However, we’ll look at more of the fantastic features of this platform as we go through the seven tips for creating unique workouts using the GIF file format. 

Don’t worry; we won’t get technical about the GIF file type; instead, I’ll provide tips that will help guide personal and athletic trainers like you to take advantage of this new use-case for GIFs and scale your business like you never thought possible. Let’s get started.

Creating Workouts with Elite Trainr – The Professional’s Choice

Creating incredible workouts using Elite Trainr’s animated GIF library is easy. You can create entire workout programs that include multiple exercises. You set the sets, reps, tempo, and more, including notes where you can personalize suggestions for your clients. 

To make your training business stand out even more, here are ten tips you can use to make your workouts even better, more engaging, and more effective for your clients.

Tip 1: Tailoring Workouts to Client Goals

Setting SMART Fitness Goals

SMART goals are great because they keep you accountable every step of the way. (2)

Specific – Ensure the goal is clear. For example, if it were weight loss, the goal could be a particular amount by an exact time.

Measurable – Ensure you can measure the goal. Measuring a goal is the only way to determine progress.

Achievable – The goal must be realistic, with a good chance of achieving it if following a SMART goal plan.

Relevant – The goal needs relevancy, which resonates with the overarching goals of your client. For example, if your client wanted to prepare to run a marathon, you would have them train on the relevant muscle groups with appropriate strategies to prepare for long-distance running. In contrast, you wouldn’t likely have your client train on pure weight lifting, as this would not be relevant to a long-distance runner.

Time-Bound – A goal needs a deadline. It would help if you had a set deadline and perhaps even set milestones along the way to help inspire your client to move forward.

Fitness Plan Customization

According to Mayo Clinic (3), a fitness workout should include five elements:

  1. Aerobic fitness
  2. Strength Training
  3. Core Exercises
  4. Balance Training
  5. Flexibility and Stretching

However, each client and their goals may be different, so be prepared to customize workouts further. Customize your client’s fitness workouts with added valuable notes or video links specific to your client’s situation. Tailoring workouts to fit your client and their SMART goals is a great way to improve your client’s success.

Tip 2: Incorporating Nutrition with Fitness

A screenshot of a part of the Elite Trainr app where you can add and track nutrition for fitness and athletic clients. Learn more at

Meal Plan Customization & Nutrition Tracking Integration

Making unique workouts requires the right kind of fuel. Therefore, implementing nutrition tracking into your overall workout plans for your client is a great way to help them achieve their goals.

Tip 3: Utilizing Animated GIFs for Clarity

A screenshot of an animated GIF used to create a specific exercise instruction inside of the Elite Trainr app.
Another screenshot of an animated GIF used to create a specific exercise instruction inside of the Elite Trainr app.

Building Easy-to-Follow Digital Workout Plans

Elite Trainr was built by trainers, for trainers. We understand how workouts need to be complete and concise, and they have to make sense for our clients. With over 3,000 animated GIFs within Elite Trainr, it’s easy to create engaging and immersive workout routines for your clients. Easy-to-follow animations make the workouts straightforward for your clients, helping to improve your client’s experience.

Tip 4: Enhancing Client Communication

Check-ins, Messaging Features, and a Private Client Forum for Community Building

Creating killer workouts is only as good as your client’s understanding and motivation. Due to the nature of training, I’ve included all kinds of features to help you teach your clients, help with checking in, and even a private forum where you can instruct, answer questions, and interact further with your clients.

Tip 5: Tracking Progress Precisely

Weight and Cardio Session Tracking

The Elite Trainr app has tracking solutions you can use to help keep your clients on the right path: track cardio, workouts, and even nutrition in the Elite Trainr app.

Tip 6: Scaling Workouts for Different Client Groups

Customizing Workouts for Groups and Individual Needs

Due to the powerful workout-building features of Elite Trainr, you can scale workouts to suit different client groups. The programs are customizable, so you can always create custom programs specifically suited to a particular group while having the ability to add more personalized notes on a person-by-person level. This feature makes scaling easy while maintaining personalization for each client.

Tip 7: Leveraging White-Label Branding

Professionalizing Client Interaction with Your Brand

When working with clients, having a custom-branded platform like Elite Trainr in your corner helps your business look and feel more professional for your fitness and athletic clients. Remember, branding your training business can help your business to have an identity, make it more memorable to potential and existing clients, and encourage trust and professionalism. (4)

Elevate Your Training Game with Elite Trainr

A personal trainer shows his client a new workout program setup in the Elite Trainr app. Learn more at

As we’ve navigated through the seven essential tips for creating dynamic and engaging workouts with Elite Trainr, it’s clear that innovation and personalization are at the heart of transforming your fitness services. By integrating animated GIFs, you not only cater to the visual learning style of your clients but also provide them with an intuitive and interactive workout experience. 

Elite Trainr stands out as a revolutionary platform, offering over 3,000 animated exercises that simplify the creation of tailored fitness plans, enhance client communication, and ensure precise progress tracking.

Embrace the power of Elite Trainr to distinguish your services. Whether you’re streamlining your workout designs, customizing nutrition plans, or fostering a supportive community through private forums, this all-in-one platform is your partner in professional growth.

I encourage you to explore Elite Trainr and discover how its comprehensive features can transform your fitness business. Let this be the moment you redefine the boundaries of personal training and athletic coaching. Dive into Elite Trainr today and witness firsthand the remarkable impact it can have on both your business and your clients’ fitness journeys.

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