As the digital age reshapes every corner of our lives, the fitness industry is no exception. You might be wondering, “Can I truly carve out a successful career as an online fitness trainer?” It’s time to dispel some myths and shine a light on the truth. 

With the right approach, tools, and mindset, making a living online isn’t just a possibility—it’s a promising reality. Of course, I’ll back this up with cold, hard facts to show you why these myths are just that – the things of fiction.

In this article, I will debunk the common misconceptions surrounding online fitness training, backed by facts and real-world success stories. Whether you’re a personal trainer, a fitness enthusiast, or a gym owner, join me as we explore how applications like Elite Trainr are redefining what it means to train in the digital world. Get ready to transform your career path, one digital workout at a time.

Understanding the Online Fitness Training Landscape

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The online fitness market is growing at a high pace. In fact, in 2022, the global online/virtual market was valued at 14.9 billion. Furthermore, projections are looking good, with a CAGR of 32.7% from 2023 to 2032. By these numbers, the online/virtual fitness market will hit over 250 billion by 2032. (1)

The pandemic of 2020 pushed everything online, including fitness. Even Forbes wrote about how the seclusion of pandemic lockdowns forced everyone used to a gym into a virtual at-home workout instead. (2) Since the pandemic, many people have continued their online fitness journeys, leading to an explosion in industry growth.

Move over old ways; here comes the new! One of the biggest trends in fitness is fitness wearables. Starting with the first Fitbit in 2012, they have only helped push growth within the industry in recent years. (3)

These pieces of health and fitness tech usually come in the form of a watch or wristband, and many work with multiple smartphone apps and technologies. This trend and other trends have helped shape the fitness industry into the booming giant it is today.

Debunking Myths About Online Fitness Training

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Okay, let’s get to the good stuff. We’ve shown how the industry is on a seemingly non-stop course of growth, but we’ve not covered all the myths, so let’s dive in and learn what’s really going on.

Myth 1: It’s Impossible to Earn a Stable Income


With a current growth trend of 32.7% over the next nine years or so, it makes sense that there will be a large number of jobs and a need for fitness trainers like personal trainers and athletic trainers. In fact, the current average base salary of a personal trainer is $28.03 per hour in the US. That works out to just over $58k/year. (4)

However, higher rates aren’t unheard of, even up to $50/hour. With the potential to scale as an online trainer, you can likely make a lot more if you’re determined and plan your business the right way.

Myth 2: You Need a Large Following to Succeed


Typical fees to hire a personal trainer are usually between $25 and $100+ per session. (5) That could typically include a one-hour session each week. Now, if we assume that you have 30 hours or so to dedicate to clients, then most could have up to 30 clients or so at a time. If you charged $300 per client per month, that would equate to about $9000 per month. However, with a platform like Elite Trainr, where you could do virtual workouts, you could charge your clients similarly but give much less of your time, equating to more time to scale and run your business. You don’t need a large following to get started, just the will and determination to succeed, along with a bit of business planning and research, of course.

Myth 3: Online Training Can’t Provide Personalized Coaching


We’ve all used a video chat program like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Google Meet. These tools and platforms, like Elite Trainr, enable seamless communications with clients, while video messaging offers the ability to see and be heard. With today’s technology available to you, you’ve never had a more significant potential to provide personalized coaching at a distance.

Myth 4: Online Training Isn’t as Effective as In-person Sessions


Online training offers flexibility. It allows for highly personalized programs. It can be equally effective with the right tools and commitment. Tools like Elite Trainr supports trainers in creating and delivering comprehensive fitness plans that you can provide to your selected clients with a tap.

Myth 5: You Can’t Build a Personal Connection with Clients Virtually


Building a connection with your clients is about how you appear and interact with them. So, if you use a white-label (brandable with your logo) client management solution that looks professional and has everything you need to run your business, then look no further than Elite Trainr.

Elite Trainr enables you to brand the platform with your logo and invite your clients who see a professional dashboard with all kinds of engaging communication options. All these options mean you look professional, and it’s easy to communicate with your clients – making a personal connection virtually.

Myth 6: It’s Too Competitive to Start Now


While the online fitness market is growing, there’s still ample opportunity for trainers who can differentiate themselves. Stand out by offering stellar customer support and a professional dashboard like Elite Trainr. Furthermore, it would be best if you marketed yourself to ensure that people hear and see you. Sure, it’s competitive, as any growing or emerging market is, but getting in on the ground floor might just lead you to build a fitness empire. So, what’s stopping you?

Myth 7: Technical Challenges Are Too Great for Most Trainers


Setting up as an online trainer has a few technical challenges you’ll have to overcome. These include learning how to use the straightforward industry standard, Elite Trainr

Elite Trainr is straightforward to use for both you and your clients. It provides a balanced and intuitive platform that includes all the features you want and need to run your digital fitness business and scale to become the fitness empire of tomorrow. All you need is your drive and ambition to succeed and a good business plan, of course.

Empowering Your Fitness Journey: Beyond Myths

We’ve journeyed together through the landscape of online fitness training, debunking myths and uncovering the truth about the potential that lies within this digital realm. Armed with facts and inspired by a growing industry, it’s clear that the path to becoming a thriving online fitness trainer is paved with opportunity, innovation, and the right tools—like Elite Trainr.

Now, it’s your turn to step into the arena of online fitness training. Embrace the technology that brings us closer than ever to our fitness goals and our clients. Remember, your determination, coupled with a strategic approach and Elite Trainr’s comprehensive features, is your ticket to success. It’s not just about making a living; it’s about making a difference, one digital workout at a time.

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