Scaling your personal training business digitally is vital to making more money than the traditional in-person-exclusive business model. But what do you need to get started? My fitness friends, I’m going to share some great tricks for scaling your fitness business using online platforms like Elite Trainr.

Key Takeaways

  • Leverage Technology: Use platforms like Elite Trainr to manage multiple aspects of your business from anywhere.
  • Maximize Time Zones: Optimize your schedule to train clients virtually across different time zones to increase availability and clientele.
  • Customization and Flexibility: Offer customizable workout and nutrition plans tailored to individual client needs.
  • Efficient Client Management: Implement comprehensive tracking solutions for client progress and seamless scheduling.
  • Boost Engagement: Utilize features like messaging and forums to maintain and enhance client relationships.
  • Simplify Finances: Take advantage of built-in invoicing features to streamline payment processes.

Understanding the Potential of Your Personal Training Business

A personal trainer attends to her schedule using her laptop and smartphone. Learn about scaling your personal training business with digital tools at

Personal training is both rewarding and challenging, especially if you train in person before normal work hours or after, taking up your evenings. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have found clients who want to work out at your preferred hours, but at the end of the day, if you can’t hire other trainers, your client limit will cap. 

You’ll eventually run out of time, and you can’t make more money unless you charge more for it.

Let’s do the math: The average pay per hour in Montreal, Canada, for a personal trainer, is around $36 per hour. (1) In the US, it’s not much better, coming at $34.45 for a personal trainer in New York. (2)

Either way, if you manage to work 40 hours a week at $35 per hour, you’ll be looking at a cap of $1360 per week unless you put in overtime.

Don’t get me wrong—this model works for some, but if you want to make even more money, you’ll need to understand the potential of scaling your business. Moreover, what if you could get even more clients during your preferred work hours by taking advantage of time zones?

Now, the median expected cost of a client paying for an hour of personal training is between $60 and $120 per hour, depending on experience. (3) So, if you could train for only 30 hours per week at a rate of $60 per hour, you’d already be at $1800. 

Want to know more about pricing your fitness training services? Check out my guide, Boost Earning Potential: What to Charge for One-on-One Personal Training.

What if I told you that you could do all of that and more (depending on a few things like experience and motivation) while managing your clients easier in a single place? That’s the power of leveraging online platforms like Elite Trainr.

Leveraging Online Platforms to Transform Your Services And Scale Your Business

A classic scale holds a roll of money on one site and a clock in the other.

Using the internet and the latest software technologies, you can manage an entire fitness training operation with multiple clients and multiple trainers (if you choose to hire more help) and even include billing, all in one white-labeled app. Yes, that means you can manage the whole thing – right from your smartphone. Don’t worry, I’ll give you the step-by-step recommendations for how I might go about it:

Step 1 – Choose Your Goal

You can’t have a plan without knowing where you want to end up. So, choose how much you want to make. Then, work your plan backward, dividing it into milestones over a time that is reasonable for you to accomplish each milestone. Simple (in theory), how easy it is in practice will depend on how detailed your plan is and how much you stick to it while adapting as you learn. To make it easier: Goal + Timeline + Your Effort = Potential Success

Now is also an excellent time to develop your training packages. For more on building your training plan, check out my guide: How to Design Personal Training Packages: A Fitness Instructor Guide.

Step 2 – Download Elite Trainr

Download Elite Trainr from Google Play (Android) or The Apple App Store (iOS). Then, start familiarizing yourself with the platform. I’ll discuss some features in the next section below.

Step 2 – Research Your Target Audience In Your Selected Time Zones

Figure out what hours you want to train virtually. Next, find out which time zone corresponds to the hours you want to train. Here’s an example in my time zone pro tip:

Time Zone Hack: Elite Trainr Pro Tips

Let’s say you want to train clients virtually via a video call for a virtual ‘in-person’ experience between 10 AM and 12 AM local time. However, your potential client typically does their fitness training between 6 AM and 8 AM. That means that you need to find clients in the time zones where your 10 AM to 12 AM availability aligns with their 6 AM to 8 AM workout schedule. To simplify this, focus on identifying and targeting clients who are approximately four hours ahead of your time zone. So, suppose you’re based in New York (Eastern Standard Time). In that case, you’ll want to look for clients in the Atlantic Standard Time zone, covering parts of the Caribbean and parts of eastern Canada.

Start by researching demographics and popular fitness trends in the regions that work for your time zone. Utilize social media platforms and fitness forums to connect with potential clients who are looking for virtual training opportunities during their preferred hours. You can also leverage targeted ads to reach this specific audience.

Step 3 – Setup Your Fitness App Dashboard

Now, you’ve got a goal, a plan, a platform to manage everything but the kitchen sink, and a target audience. The next step is to start marketing your app in your preferred time zones. If you want to learn more about marketing your app, check out my guide: Ignite Your Fitness Career: How to Get Personal Training Clients Fast

Step 4 – Invite Your Customers and Trainers

By now, you should have everything set up for success. Invite your clients to your Elite Trainr app dashboard and take advantage of some of the great features (explained in the next section). You can also invite other trainers to work for you in your team using the Elite Trainr app – it’s easily the best scalable solution on the market.

Streamlining Operations with The Elite Trainr Platform

A personal trainer takes a happy selfie after setting up his fitness client management with Elite Trainr. Learn more at

Elite Trainr is a professional platform that will boost your credibility and professionalism with your clients. It will make it easy to keep in touch with them, manage your billing, create virtual fitness programs (with over 3,000 animated GIFs), and more. Take a look at some of these features that are going to help you streamline and scale your business while providing a stellar user experience for your clients:

Customizable Workout and Nutrition Plans

You can create and share animated workout routines, assign meals, meal plans, and more with my customizable system built by trainers, for trainers.

Comprehensive Tracking Solutions

Tracking client progress: fitness goals, weight, and cardio sessions are easy with Elite Trainr. The built-in calendar makes scheduling simple and effective, so you don’t waste time. Nutrition and meal tracking, supplements, cardio, and training tracking are all included in the Elite Trainr app.

Enhancing Client Engagement and Communication

Features like check-ins, messaging, and a private client forum (I call it Coach’s Corner) keep you easily in touch with your client base.

Invoicing Clients is Easier Than Ever with Elite Trainr

By now, you can see that Elite Trainr has everything you need to manage and scale your fitness business. But wait—it’s got invoicing power, too! With the invoicing feature in the Pro Plan, you can track customer payments, invoice clients, and more to help you stay on top of your clients and keep the payments flowing. 

Unlock Your Business’s Full Potential

As we’ve explored throughout this article, the power of leveraging online platforms in the fitness industry cannot be underestimated. With tools like Elite Trainr, personal trainers, athletic trainers, and gym owners have an unprecedented opportunity to scale their operations effectively. This platform not only enhances your ability to manage more clients and trainers but also streamlines billing, communication, and client engagement—all from your smartphone.

So, take the next step: explore Elite Trainr and see how it can revolutionize your personal training business. Remember, in the world of fitness, leveraging the right technology can be just as essential as the training itself. Make the move, enhance your service offerings, and watch as your business grows beyond boundaries.

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