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Number 1 Coaching Software – Effortlessly manage your personal training business online with the tools you need to efficiently monitor and create fitness programs for your clients

coaching software
Coaching Software


3000+ animated exercise GIFs


A modern training experience – Thanks to our 3000+ animated GIFs and  other options for customization, trainer and client will equally enjoy the Elite Trainr App.


Track your nutrition, fitness and weight loss progress


Our Tracking section allows you to track your entire fitness journey:

– Track cardio sessions, workouts and your diet.

– Choose from public foods or add your own meals.

– Upload check-in’s and progress photos.

– Record your exercises to get feedback.

Reach and bypass your goals.

Coaching Software


For Trainers

As a fitness trainer, deliver personalized workout regiments and diet plans direct to the client without having to sort through emails or arranging a meet-up in person with the use of a coaching software you can excel in your business.

The ultimate tool for every personal trainer

Maximize simple, easy tools to create workout programs and customize meal plans for clients. Load it with pre-witten workouts and meal plans, selecting from your favourites depending on what’s most appropriate for the client.
With our 3000+ animated workout GIFs,training program templates and preset recipes and meals your job has never been easier.

say Goodbye to e-mails!

Check-ins, questions, progress updates and pictures – Keep your workflow organized and improve efficiency in communication by eliminating the need for hard to track emails to be sent back and forth. Let’s say you can’t be present for a client’s workout – no problem! Let them know you’re available to answer any questions through the App and keep them on the ball! Your client isn’t measuring up to their goals? Hold them accountable and instantly send them motivation in the moment. Challenge them to push to the next level and accomplish their goals!

Managing your team has never been easier

Manage your entire team, if you’re working with multiple trainers. The Elite Trainr App can be used as an organization management interface, providing an overview of where your team is at or which clients they’ve been assigned.


Brand your emails and communications with your logo and business name. A major business opportunity, the ability for trainers to send out branded emails furthers your marketing and awareness campaign.

For Clients

As a client, get 24/7 access to your fitness trainer and their customized fitness plans for you. Ask questions, get answers. Stay accountable and focused towards your goals.

YOur personal trainer - in your pocket

Receive access to workout programs written by your personal trainer any time and anywhere. In addition, you’ll be able to see any meal plans or non-fitness guidance your trainer may wish to include.

Progress and accountability

Receive reminders when it’s time for your workout, set exercise duration and goals and speak directly to your personal trainer on how to best achieve them. Keep track of your progress by posting pictures and receiving reports on what you’ve accomplished – and show it off!

your entire health and fitness journey in one app

It can be challenging to keep track of everything when you’re jumping in and out of yoga, cardio, strength training and all the different programs that come in each category of fitness. Through Elite Trainr, you have it all in a single place – yes, even your meal and supplement plans! Know at what to eat and what supplements to use and at what time. And as you begin to see your physique changing, you can adjust everything as you go.

Track your Meals, Workout, cardio sessions, ...

No more messy notebook pages or notes on the phone – with the Elite Trainr Coaching Software  you can track everything from the duration and intensity of workouts to the macro nutrients and calories of your meals. Need some feedback? Not an issue: you can upload videos of every exercise you’re doing, so your coach can correct you! 

Transform your personal training business with the most powerful online tools.

With Eliter Trainr, you can focus on what you’re best at – training people to be their fittest selves! You won’t have to worry about managing paperwork or scheduling appointments. Everything will be taken care of for you so that you can focus on your passion – helping people get healthy and stay fit.

Coach's Corner and in App Chat

Communication is key – Effortlessly communicate with your clients or other coaches to exchange knowledge, share progress or answer questions at any time.

Client Invoicing

Are you tired of billing your clients manually? The elite trainr app allows you to bill all your clients directly from your phone.

Multiplatform Support

Comfortably access the Elite Trainer App from your Phone, Laptop or Tablet.


Progress Tracking

Progress is the best motivation – that’s why we implemented a feature for your clients to directly upload before and after pictures to our app and save them there. Never ever scroll through your camera roll and emails again!