Welcome to the season of festivities, personal trainers! As the holiday cheer unfolds, it’s tempting to let fitness routines slide amidst the whirlwind of celebrations. But not this year. With the innovative Elite Trainr app at your fingertips, you’re equipped to turn these holidays into a triumph for both you and your clients. 

Imagine seamlessly managing health goals while indulging in the holiday spirit. Elite Trainr is not just an app; it’s your all-in-one tool for ensuring that your clients’ fitness journeys thrive, even as the holiday treats tempt them. 

Let’s dive into how you can use Elite Trainr to craft a foolproof holiday fitness survival guide, keeping your business booming and your client’s health goals on track. Ready to transform holiday challenges into opportunities for growth? Let’s get started.

The Importance of Staying on Track During Holidays

The holidays are notorious for one thing: providing an excuse to have excellent meals. Not that there’s anything wrong with great meals. The problem is when we have multiple great meals and excuses instead of fitness. The holidays have a way of providing numerous reasons why we should ‘just let it slip for today.’ However, it’s not long before a day turns into a week and, before you know it, a month.

Breaking fitness routines for the sake of a holiday could be considered dangerous to your health from a certain point of view. Okay, it may not be as severe as I made it right there, but it’s compounding. Add in some overindulgence, and well, you get the idea.

Another reason to stay on track and help your clients as well is that fitness is excellent for not just physical health but mental health as well. According to surveys conducted by the NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), 64% of individuals living with a mental illness reported worsening symptoms over the holidays(1)

Remember, one of your clients or their loved ones could have a mental illness, and you may not know. However, keeping clients motivated and thinking positively is a part of the job, so either way, you do the right thing by keeping your clients engaged and focused on their fitness goals.

Customizing Client Workouts for the Holiday Season

One of the best ways I’ve found to keep my clients engaged is to add a festive flair to their workouts for the month. For example, you could have the 12 days of Merriment challenge, or if you prefer, a Tactical New Year’s Challenge might suit your clients too.

The point is to find out what your clients celebrate during national or religious holidays and use those days to your advantage by making holiday challenges and other fun fitness activities to keep your clients motivated and on track to maintain their fitness goals a reality.

Another thing you may need to do during the holidays is change schedules due to client festive engagements. So, you could make some custom short client workouts that they could do between engagements to maintain their weekly fitness quotas.

Now, filming a bunch of custom exercises can take a lot of time and energy. Furthermore, if you’re not a video editing whiz, they might not look so good either. That’s why I use the Elite Trainr app to customize workouts for my clients using the 3,000+ animated GIF exercise database built standard into the app. Moreover, you can also use the app for tracking goals and communications, and it even lets you brand your client-facing dashboard. 

Regarding tracking goals and customized workouts, tracking and motivating your clients for healthy eating is a challenge around any holiday. Let’s look at some ways you can overcome and prevail this holiday season.

Nutrition Management During the Holidays

I have three strategies I use to help guide my clients through the holiday eating frenzy. After all, with regular workouts, clients tend to be hungry often (I know I am after a workout).

Encourage Mindful Eating, Not Restriction

Guide your clients to practice mindful eating during the holiday season. This practice means it’s okay to enjoy their favorite holiday treats but in moderation. Educate your clients about the importance of savoring each bite. Moreover, teach them about trying to be fully present while eating, which can prevent overindulgence. In other words, never eat on auto-pilot. 

Encourage your clients to balance out more decadent meals with healthier options and to listen to their body’s hunger and fullness cues. Remind them that the holiday season is about enjoyment, and it’s perfectly okay to indulge occasionally, as long as it’s done mindfully.

Plan Ahead for Parties and Gatherings

Holidays are filled with parties and gatherings, often centered around food. Encourage your clients to plan ahead. If they’re going to a party, suggest eating a healthy snack beforehand to avoid arriving hungry. Advise them to scan the buffet or dinner table and choose foods that align with their health goals alongside smaller portions of indulgent items. You can also recommend bringing a healthy dish to share, ensuring there’s at least one nutritious option they can enjoy.

According to the New York Post, a poll of 2,000 people found that 75% of those surveyed stated that they eat more often throughout the day during the holidays(2)

Stay Hydrated and Limit Alcoholic Beverages

Remind your clients about the importance of staying hydrated, especially if they consume alcohol. Drinking water can help control hunger, maintain energy levels, and assist in digestion. Please encourage them to alternate alcoholic drinks with water to stay hydrated and to reduce overall alcohol consumption. Suggest setting a limit on alcoholic drinks and choosing lower-calorie options when possible. Remember that many alcoholic beverages are also, like most pops, riddled with sugars. Sugars that don’t help clients to achieve their fitness goals.

If your clients insist on partaking in alcohol, suggest some low-carb options like vodka soda, white wine, or hard seltzer(3).

Client Engagement and Motivation

Keeping your clients engaged and motivated is essential. Studies published in the National Library of Medicine concluded that adults gain body weight over the holidays(). Furthermore, they go on to stipulate the importance of helping people manage their weight, and weight gain during the holidays is of utmost importance in reversing the weight gain trend shown by studies.

Pro Tip: Use a brandable software app to help you manage your clients, their workouts, check-ins, and communications. During the holidays, make sure you send motivational messages to your clients to keep them positively engaged.

Overview of The Elite Trainr App

Meet Elite Trainr, the cutting-edge app that is revolutionizing personal training. Designed as an all-encompassing solution, it empowers personal trainers to elevate their services to new heights. With Elite Trainr, you gain access to a suite of tools that transform how you manage and interact with your clients. Key features include:

  • Personalized Fitness Plan Creation: Tailor workout regimens for each client using over 3000+ exercise GIFs built into the Elite Trainr app. The app allows you to design plans that cater to individual goals, preferences, and fitness levels, ensuring each client receives a bespoke experience.
  • Progress Tracking: Elite Trainr simplifies monitoring your clients’ fitness journeys. With intuitive tracking for nutrition, fitness, and weight loss goals, the app provides comprehensive insights, enabling you to adjust plans in real time for optimal results.
  • Enhanced Client Engagement: Keep your clients motivated and connected through the app’s interactive features. From direct messaging to workout reminders, Elite Trainr fosters a continuous connection between you and your clients, which is essential for maintaining motivation and accountability during the holidays.
  • White Label Branding: Customize the platform with your own branding, offering your clients a personalized, professional experience that reflects your business identity and professionalism.

With Elite Trainr, not only do you streamline your workflow, but you also enhance the personal training experience for your clients. It’s more than just an app; it’s your partner in driving success and client satisfaction during the holidays and all year long.

Sealing Success: Your Holiday Fitness Blueprint with Elite Trainr

As the holiday season approaches, try to look at it not as a challenge but as an opportunity for growth in your personal training business. Elite Trainr stands ready as your ultimate tool, transforming the festive period into a time of client engagement and professional triumph.

My Elite Trainr app offers you the means to creatively adapt workouts, guide nutritional choices, and maintain your unique brand presence. Its comprehensive features enable meaningful and impactful client interactions, ensuring every moment is optimized for success.

Let Elite Trainr be your partner in excellence this festive season. Empower your clients to reach their best selves, making this holiday period a transformative phase in their fitness journey. Here’s to a joyful, healthy, and prosperous season for you and your clients with Elite Trainr. Happy training!

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