EliteTrainr’s Top 10 Exercise Challenges to Boost Your Business and Inspire Your Clients


In the world of fitness, there’s nothing quite like a good challenge to stimulate growth, both for your personal training business and for the health goals of your clients. Not only do these challenges promote motivation, they also enhance results and improve customer retention. That’s why EliteTrainr, your dedicated partner in fitness management, offers you these top 10 exercise challenges to implement right away.

Why Run an Exercise Challenge with EliteTrainr?

Running an exercise challenge serves three core purposes.

1. Delivering Results: As trainers, our mission is to help our clients achieve their best health and fitness levels. EliteTrainr is designed to support this cause.

2. Spurring Referrals: When your clients feel good and see results, they become your best ambassadors. Word-of-mouth marketing can bring a significant boost to your business.

3. Boosting Motivation: Exercise challenges add a competitive edge that increases client engagement and adds an extra dash of motivation.

How to Run an Exercise Challenge with EliteTrainr?

Designing an exercise challenge is flexible and diverse. You can offer challenges with varying time frames, focus areas, and flexibility. Whether free or paid, you can customize them to suit your business goals – be it growth, client engagement, sales, or results. The following exercise challenge ideas can be adapted to suit your business needs.

EliteTrainr’s Top 10 Exercise Challenges

Here, we share 10 exercise challenge ideas that you can implement in your business to motivate your clients and hopefully grow your business:

Exercise Challenge Idea #1

21 Day Flexibility Boost: Encourage your clients to incorporate a stretching routine into their day for 21 consecutive days. Track their flexibility improvements using EliteTrainr’s handy features.

Exercise Challenge Idea #2

The Hydration Challenge: For one month, push your clients to meet their daily water intake goals. Use EliteTrainr to monitor their daily hydration habits.

Exercise Challenge Idea #3

Plank-Off Challenge: Test your clients’ core strength with a 30-day plank challenge. Begin with a manageable time, then gradually increase the duration day by day.

Exercise Challenge Idea #4

7-Day Healthy Breakfast Challenge: Motivate your clients to start their day right with a week of nutritious breakfasts. Use EliteTrainr to share recipes and track their meal intake.

Exercise Challenge Idea #5

6 Week Bodyweight Mastery Challenge: Use EliteTrainr to guide your clients through a six-week bodyweight exercise program, gradually increasing intensity and complexity to build strength and endurance.

Exercise Challenge Idea #6

Meditation and Mindfulness Challenge: Encourage your clients to engage in 10 minutes of meditation for 15 consecutive days. Use EliteTrainr to share guided meditation resources and track their progress.

H4: Exercise Challenge Idea #7

Sleep Quality Challenge: Encourage your clients to prioritize rest and recovery for a month. Use EliteTrainr to set sleep goals and monitor their sleep habits.

Exercise Challenge Idea #8

Virtual Race Challenge: Set up a virtual race event where clients can compete against each other in running, cycling, or swimming, tracking their progress with EliteTrainr.

Exercise Challenge Idea #9

30 Day Squat Challenge: Boost lower body strength and endurance with a squat challenge. Begin with a moderate number of squats and incrementally increase the daily count.

Exercise Challenge Idea #10

4 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge: Foster positive mental health by encouraging your clients to list three things they are grateful for each day. They can record their daily entries in EliteTrainr.


H2: Exercise Challenges – The Bottom Line

These exercise challenge ideas from EliteTrainr are just the tip of the iceberg. By fostering motivation, results, and business growth, you can explore numerous other exercise challenges that suit your niche and clientele. Remember, the most significant step towards growth is creativity and adaptability. Test these ideas, see what excites your clients, and get ready for an exciting fitness journey with EliteTrainr.

Exercise Challenges

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