How I Keep My Clients Engaged and Accountable with our Personal Trainer App EliteTrainr:
Insights from a Top Fitness Trainer

We’ve all been there – a client starts off strong but then misses workouts, engagement drops, and revenue takes a hit. They may come up with excuses like lack of time, a busy work schedule, family commitments, or just losing motivation. As a personal trainer with a decade of experience, I’ve heard them all. While injuries are serious and require rest, other excuses can be addressed to improve program adherence and client retention

Tough Love

As a personal trainer, it’s your responsibility to ensure your clients stick to their plans. If they’re not checking in for workouts, following their nutrition plans, or adhering to habits, call them out on it.

The “tough love” approach can be effective. Clients rely on you as their accountability coach and need that push to get back on track. They expect you to motivate and guide them, and a more assertive approach yields better results. Some clients are self-motivated, while others need your assertive guidance to ensure they understand your expectations.
With our Personal Trainer app, available on both Apple and Android devices, you can integrate your clients’ workouts and habits seamlessly into their day-to-day lives, providing added motivation and accountability.


Keeping clients accountable is crucial. While you can track their progress on the app, it’s important to let them know you’re monitoring their adherence closely.

The Personal Trainer app employs three methods to keep clients accountable: automated messages, weekly coaching calls, and 24/7 messaging. Automated messages can be set up in the Elite Trainr app to ask clients to list their wins for the week, sparking conversation and letting clients know you’re always available.

Weekly coaching calls are a great way to get to know your clients personally, increasing adherence and retention. With 24/7 messaging, clients know you’re always there to offer support, motivation, or answer any questions they may have.

Up-to-date Plans

Keeping your plans up-to-date and fun is critical. Clients often quit because they get bored with the same workouts. Mix things up, get creative, and add some bonus workouts to keep clients engaged. The Personal Trainer app’s on-demand programs feature is a great way to add some variety to your clients’ calendars without changing their original program. If you have the same workouts, change up the combinations or create new exercises to keep things fresh. When clients are excited to check in and see what new workout lies ahead, they’re more likely to stay motivated and continue with the program.

Bonus Tip

 With our Personal Trainer app, you can access a library of new workouts with different combinations to keep things interesting and challenging for your clients. 
Your client needs an extra push? No problem. Use our progress photo feature to remind your client how far they’ve come!

Don’t give your clients a reason to quit. Keep them accountable, stay connected, and show you care. A mutually beneficial relationship with your clients can help grow your revenue while ensuring they achieve their fitness goals.

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