The Preferred Personal Trainer Scheduling Software

Discover the best in Personal Trainer Scheduling Software – Handle your personal training business online effortlessly with the essential tools to craft and oversee fitness programs for your clients.

coaching software
Coaching Software

01. Personal Trainer Scheduling Software

An Array of 3000+ Animated Exercise GIFs


A fresh take on training – Our vast selection of 3000+ animated GIFs and other customizable features enhance the user experience for both trainers and clients on the Elite Trainr App.

02. Personal Trainer Scheduling Software

Document Your Nutrition, Fitness, and Weight Loss Journey


Our Progress Tracking function allows a detailed record of your fitness path:


  • Keep a record of cardio sessions, workouts, and your diet.
  • Pick from popular foods or insert your own meals.
  • Update your check-ins and progress pictures.
  • Log your exercises for helpful feedback.
  • Set your targets, meet them, and then exceed them.
Coaching Software


For Trainers

Step up as a fitness coach, delivering customized workout schedules and diet plans straight to your clients, skipping the email clutter or the need for face-to-face meetings. Let our personal trainer scheduling software help you shine in your field:

A must-have for every personal trainer

Use our intuitive and practical tools to formulate workout routines and individualized diet plans for your clients. Pre-populate it with your choice of workout plans and diet suggestions, choosing from your list based on what your client needs. With our resource of animated workout GIFs, pre-designed training programs, and meal plans and recipes, your job is streamlined.


Ditch the e-mail overload!

Check-ins, questions, progress updates, and photos – Keep your workflow tidy and boost communication efficiency by stepping away from disorganized email exchanges. Can’t be there for a client’s workout – no sweat! Just let them know you’re on hand to answer any questions through the App, giving them constant support. Finding a client falling short of their objectives? Instill a sense of responsibility and encourage them instantly to push beyond their limits and reach their goals.


A better way to manage your team

Working with a team of trainers? Handle your entire squad with ease. The Elite Trainr App serves as a team management platform, offering an overview of your team’s tasks and their assigned clients.


Add a personal touch to your emails and communications with your logo and business name. This potent branding strategy lets trainers send out branded emails, strengthening your marketing efforts and brand awareness.

For Clients

As a client, enjoy 24/7 connection with your fitness trainer and their unique fitness plans made for you. Ask away, get prompt answers. Stay on track and focused on your fitness goals.

YOur personal trainer - anytime, anywhere

Access workout programs crafted by your personal trainer whenever and wherever. Plus, you’ll get to see any meal plans or wellness guidance your trainer may have added.

easily Monitor Your Progress and Stay Responsible<br />

Receive timely workout reminders, set the length and goals of your exercise, and discuss with your personal trainer on how to best reach them. Record your progress by uploading images and receiving comprehensive reports on your accomplishments – and feel free to share your success!


Your All-in-One Health and Fitness Guide in One App<br />

Juggling various fitness routines like yoga, cardio, strength training, and more can be challenging. Elite Trainr consolidates everything in one easy-to-use space – even your meal and supplement plans! Know what to eat, what supplements to take, and when. As your physique changes, adjust your plans accordingly.

Log Your Meals, Workouts, Cardio Sessions, and more...<br />

Say goodbye to scattered notebook pages or confusing phone notes – with the Elite Trainr Personal Trainer Scheduling Software, you can keep track of everything from workout duration and intensity to the nutritional values of your meals. Need some guidance? No worries: you can upload videos of each exercise you’re doing for your coach to review and provide feedback!

Revamp your personal training business with the most robust online tools.

With Elite Trainr, you can concentrate on what you do best – training people to reach their peak fitness levels! Forget about paperwork or scheduling headaches. We’ll handle everything, letting you focus on your passion – aiding people in achieving and maintaining their health and fitness.

Coach's Corner and in App Chat

Communication is vital – Effortlessly interact with your clients or other coaches to exchange insights, share progress, or answer questions at any time.

Client Invoicing

Tired of manually billing your clients? The Elite Trainr app lets you bill all your clients straight from your phone.

Multiplatform Support

Conveniently use the Elite Trainr App from your Phone, Laptop, or Tablet.


Progress Tracking

Progress is the most compelling motivator – which is why we’ve integrated a feature allowing your clients to directly upload before and after pictures to our app and save them there. No more scrolling through your camera roll or emails again!


At Elite Trainr, we offer dynamic pricing tailored to your personal training business, no matter its size. Our simplified, transparent plans will not only save you money today but thousands as your business expands. Consolidate all your needs into one platform with Elite Trainr, eliminating the need for 4-5 separate apps. And here’s the best part – our pricing model doesn’t penalize success. As your business grows, we won’t pile on unexpected charges. Make a smart investment in Elite Trainr, and propel your personal training business forward.
Still on the fence? Why not give us a try with our no-obligation, 14-day free trial, and experience the Elite Trainr difference yourself!

Premium Elite Trainr

Ideal for a small team of Trainers or Fitness Clubs
$0 Billed Monthly

All Features Listed in Standard Package Add Unlimited Trainers Manage Team Members Community Boards Habit Coaching (Coming Soon!) Costumization (E-Mails, Programs, Color Scheme) Free Client Invoicing

Premium Client Tracking

Ideal for clients who want to optimize their results
$4.99 Billed Monthly

Access To Complete Food Library Food Swap Calculator (Coming Soon!) Foodbar Code Scanner Receipe Library Access To Complete Exercise Library Exercise Swapper (Coming Soon!) Tracking Assessment Set Reminders