Your Solution for Personal Trainer Business Management

Revolutionize your fitness business with Elite Trainr, the prime choice for personal trainer business management. Our platform provides you with user-friendly features, easing the management and creation of effective fitness programs for your clients.

coaching software
Coaching Software

01. Personal Trainer Business Management

3000+ animated exercise visuals


An advanced workout experience – The Elite Trainr App will captivate both trainer and client with over 3000 animated visuals and numerous customization possibilities.

02. Personal Trainer Business Management

Monitor your health, fitness, and weight loss journey


Our comprehensive Tracking section empowers you to monitor your entire fitness voyage:


  • Record cardio sessions, workouts, and your diet.
  • Select from a public food database or include your own meals.
  • Upload check-in’s and progress photos.
  • Document your exercises to receive constructive feedback.
  • Accomplish and exceed your objectives.
Coaching Software


For Trainers

Deliver individualized workout programs and diet plans directly to your clients, using our leading personal trainer business management software, without the need for constant email exchanges or arranging face-to-face meet-ups:

The Essential tool for every personal trainer

Utilize our user-friendly tools to construct workout programs and customize meal plans for clients. Prefill with pre-designed workouts and meal plans, picking from your favorites based on what’s most suitable for the client. With our 3000+ animated workout visuals, training program templates, and pre-set recipes and meals, your job is now easier than ever.


Say Goodbye to cluttered e-mail Inboxes!

Check-ins, inquiries, progress updates, and photos – Keep your workflow structured and increase communication efficiency by removing the reliance on unorganized email exchanges. Even if you’re not physically present for a client’s workout, let them know you’re available to answer any questions through the App and keep them motivated! See a client falling short of their goals? Hold them accountable and instantly inject some motivation. Encourage them to push harder and fulfill their objectives!

Managing your team has never been so simple

Manage your entire team, especially if you’re collaborating with multiple trainers. The Elite Trainr App doubles as an organization management interface, providing a snapshot of your team’s activities and their assigned clients.

Personalized Branding

Brand your emails and communications with your own logo and business name. This not only enhances your professional image but also extends your marketing reach and awareness.

For Clients

As a client, gain 24/7 access to your fitness trainer and your personalized  fitness plans. Keep the questions flowing and answers coming. Stay committed and concentrated on your objectives.

YOur personal trainer - AT your Fingertips

Gain access to workout programs written specifically for you by your personal trainer, anytime and anywhere. Moreover, you can view any meal plans or non-fitness guidance your trainer may have included.


Progress and accountability

Receive alerts when it’s time for your workout, set exercise duration and goals, and consult directly with your personal trainer on how to best achieve them. Monitor your progress by uploading photos and receiving reports on your achievements – then, proudly show off your results!

one app that does it all

Navigating through a medley of yoga, cardio, strength training, and diverse programs in each fitness category can be overwhelming. With Elite Trainr, everything converges in a single place – even your meal and supplement plans! Know what to eat, which supplements to take, and when. As you notice changes in your physique, you can adjust all aspects of your program.


document your Meals, Workout, cardio sessions, ...

Leave behind messy notebook pages or scattered phone notes – with the Elite Trainr personal trainer business management software, you can track everything from workout duration and intensity to the macronutrients and calories of your meals. Need some advice? No problem: upload videos of every exercise you’re performing, so

We aim to provide you with the ideal personal trainer business management solution ​

With Elite Trainr, you can concentrate on your real expertise – guiding individuals to their optimum fitness levels! Forget about the hassle of paperwork management or appointment scheduling. Every detail is handled for you so that you can put your energy into your real passion – aiding people in achieving and maintaining their health and fitness.

Coach's Corner and in App Chat

Open the lines of communication with your clients and fellow trainers seamlessly. The Elite Trainr app makes knowledge exchange, progress sharing, or answering queries a breeze – anytime, anywhere.

Client Invoicing

Say goodbye to the drudgery of manual billing. With Elite Trainr, bill all your clients instantly and conveniently, straight from your phone.

Multiplatform Support

Enjoy the flexibility of accessing the Elite Trainr app from your preferred device, be it your phone, laptop, or tablet. Trainr is wherever you are.


Progress Tracking

We understand how motivation works. Hence, we’ve enabled a feature for your clients to upload and save their transformation pictures directly in our app. Wave farewell to endless scrolling through your camera roll and emails – track progress the smart way.


At Elite Trainr, we embrace simplicity and transparency in our pricing. We cater to personal training businesses of all sizes with our dynamic pricing structure that can save you hundreds now, and thousands as you evolve. Why juggle between 4-5 different apps when Elite Trainr can be your one-stop solution? With us, growth comes without hidden costs. We support your expansion, not tax it. Invest smartly in Elite Trainr and accelerate your personal training business.

Still contemplating? Experience the difference first-hand with our 14-day free trial, no strings attached!

Premium Elite Trainr

Ideal for a small team of Trainers or Fitness Clubs
$0 Billed Monthly

All Features Listed in Standard Package Add Unlimited Trainers Manage Team Members Community Boards Habit Coaching (Coming Soon!) Costumization (E-Mails, Programs, Color Scheme) Free Client Invoicing

Premium Client Tracking

Ideal for clients who want to optimize their results
$4.99 Billed Monthly

Access To Complete Food Library Food Swap Calculator (Coming Soon!) Foodbar Code Scanner Receipe Library Access To Complete Exercise Library Exercise Swapper (Coming Soon!) Tracking Assessment Set Reminders