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Canada’s most popular online coaching app – Manage your personal training business effortlessly online with all the tools you need to effectively oversee and develop fitness programs for your clients. 
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coaching software
Coaching Software

3000+ animated exercise GIFs


A next-level training experience – Our Online Coaching App, thanks to its 3000+ animated GIFs and extensive customization options, is a joy for both trainer and client.


Track your nutrition, fitness and weight loss journey


Our Tracking feature lets you record your complete fitness journey:

– Monitor cardio sessions, workouts, and your diet.

– Choose from listed foods or add your own meals.

– Upload regular check-in’s and progress images.

– Document your exercises to get feedback.

Achieve and surpass your goals.

Coaching Software


For Trainers

With our online coaching app, as a fitness trainer, you can deliver personalized workout schedules and diet plans directly to the client. No need to sift through emails or arrange in-person meet-ups:

The Perfect tool for every personal trainer

Leverage simple, easy tools to create workout programs and customize meal plans for clients. Preload the app with pre-written workouts and meal plans, choosing from your favorites that best suit the client. With our 3000+ animated workout GIFs, training program templates, and preset recipes and meals, your job becomes much easier.

No more e-mail Clutter!

Check-ins, inquiries, progress updates, and photos – Keep your workflow streamlined and improve communication efficiency by doing away with confusing email threads. Can’t be present for a client’s workout? No problem! Let them know you’re available to answer any questions through the App. Is a client falling short of their goals? Keep them accountable and send them motivation in real-time. Push them to the next level and help them accomplish their goals!

easier Team management

Manage your entire team, especially if you’re working with multiple trainers. The Online Coaching App can serve as an organizational management platform, giving you a snapshot of your team’s progress and their assigned clients.


Brand your emails and communications with your logo and business name. A significant business opportunity, the ability for trainers to send out branded emails enhances your marketing and brand recognition.

For Clients

As a client, enjoy 24/7 access to your fitness trainer and their personalized fitness plans for you. Ask questions, get answers. Stay committed and focused on your goals.

YOur personal trainer - always available

Get access to workout programs crafted by your personal trainer anytime, anywhere. You’ll also be able to see any meal plans or non-fitness advice your trainer may want to include.

Progress and accountability

Get reminders for your workouts, set exercise duration and goals, and directly consult with your personal trainer on how to best achieve them. Keep track of your progress by posting pictures and getting reports on what you’ve achieved – show off your hard work!

All your health and fitness data in one app<br />

Tracking everything when you’re balancing yoga, cardio, strength training, and various other programs can be tricky. With our Online Coaching App, everything’s in one place – yes, even your meal and supplement plans! Know what to eat, what supplements to take, and when. As you start noticing changes in your body, you can adjust everything as needed.

Track your Meals, Workout, cardio sessions, ...

Forget about messy notebook pages or notes on your phone – with the Online Coaching App, you can log everything from the duration and intensity of workouts to the macro nutrients and calories of your meals. Need feedback? No problem: upload videos of your exercises so your coach can provide correction!

Revamp your personal training business with the most powerful online tools.

With our Online Coaching App, focus on what you love and are best at – training people to be their healthiest selves! No more dealing with paperwork or scheduling hassles. We take care of the administrative stuff so you can focus on your passion – helping people achieve and maintain fitness

Coach's Corner and in App Chat

Communication is Essential – Seamlessly interact with your clients or fellow coaches using our Online Coaching App, exchanging insights, sharing improvements, or addressing queries anytime, anywhere.

Client Invoicing

Fed up with manually invoicing your clients? Our online coaching app simplifies the billing process, enabling you to invoice all your clients straight from your phone.

Multiplatform Support

Enjoy the Flexibility – Access the Online Coaching App effortlessly on your phone, laptop, or tablet, and take your fitness business wherever you go.


Progress Tracking

Progress is the Ultimate Motivator – That’s why we’ve incorporated a feature allowing your clients to directly upload their before and after photos to our app for safekeeping. Say goodbye to endless scrolling through your camera roll or emails

Premium Elite Trainr

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