State-of-the-art training app 

Elite Coaching Software 

The premier coaching software – Effortlessly handle your mobile fitness business management online with practical tools to effectively supervise and construct workout plans for your clients.

coaching software
Coaching Software

Thousands of  Animated exercise GIFs


Contemporary training experience – Our 3000+ animated GIFs and other customization possibilities ensure both trainer and client derive equal satisfaction from the Elite Trainr App.


Your Entire Weightloss, Fitness And Nutrition Journey In One App 


Our Tracking feature allows you to document your complete fitness voyage:

– Monitor cardio sessions, workouts, and your diet.

– Select from available foods or incorporate your own meals.

– Upload check-in’s and progress photos.

– Document your exercises for feedback.

– Achieve and surpass your objectives.

Coaching Software


For Trainers

With the help of EliteTrainr providing personalized workout routines and diet plans directly to the client becomes a breeze, without the need to sift through emails or arrange in-person meetings. This allows you to excel in your mobile fitness business management:

A Must-have tool for every personal trainer

Utilize straightforward, user-friendly tools to create workout programs and customize meal plans for clients. Equip it with pre-made workouts and meal plans, selecting from your favourites based on the client’s needs. With our 3000+ animated workout GIFs, training program templates, and preset recipes and meals, your work becomes considerably more straightforward.

No more e-mails!

Check-ins, queries, progress updates, and pictures – Maintain your workflow and enhance communication efficiency by discarding the need for countless emails. If you can’t be present for a client’s workout – that’s okay! Assure them you’re available to answer any questions through the App and keep them engaged! If a client isn’t meeting their goals? Hold them accountable and provide them with immediate motivation. Challenge them to advance to the next level and achieve their goals!

Simple Team Management

Control your entire team, if you’re working with multiple trainers. The Elite Trainr App functions as an organizational management interface, offering a view of your team’s progress and assigned clients.


Personalize your emails and communications with your logo and business name. This significant business opportunity allows trainers to dispatch branded emails, promoting your marketing and awareness initiatives.

For Clients

As a client, enjoy 24/7 access to your fitness trainer and their tailored fitness plans for you. Ask questions, get answers. Remain responsible and focused on your objectives.

YOur personal trainer - in your pocket

Get anytime, anywhere access to workout programs devised by your personal trainer. In addition, you’ll have visibility on any meal plans or non-fitness advice your trainer may wish to impart.

Progress and accountability

Receive alerts when it’s workout time, establish exercise duration and goals, and converse directly with your personal trainer on the best ways to achieve them. Track your progress by posting pictures and getting reports on your accomplishments – and show off your achievements!


Everything in one place

Switching between yoga, cardio, strength training, and various programs in each fitness category can be tough to manage. With Elite Trainr, everything is located in a single place – including your meal and supplement plans! Know when to eat and what supplements to take. As your physique begins to transform, you can make adjustments on the go.


Say goodbye to your notebook

Say goodbye to messy notebook pages or phone notes – with the Elite Trainr Coaching Software, you can document everything from workout duration and intensity to the macro-nutrients and calories of your meals. Need feedback? Not a problem: you can upload videos of every exercise you’re doing, so your coach can offer corrections!

Mobile fitness business management just got a serious upgrade 

With Elite Trainr, you can focus on doing what you love – training people to become their fittest selves! No need to stress about paperwork or scheduling appointments. We’ve got that covered, so you can focus on what matters most – helping people get fit and stay healthy.”

Coach's Corner and in App Chat

Communication lies at the heart of mobile fitness business management. With Elite Trainr, you can communicate seamlessly with your clients or other coaches, exchange ideas, share progress, or answer queries at any time, all from the convenience of your phone.

Client Invoicing

Fed up with manually billing your clients? Elite Trainr simplifies the process, giving you the power to bill all your clients directly from your phone, making it a key component of your mobile fitness business management toolkit.

Multiplatform Support

Use the Elite Trainr App with ease from any device – be it your Phone, Laptop or Tablet. This flexibility supports your mobile fitness business management approach, giving you the ability to stay connected and in control, no matter where you are.


Progress Tracking

Tracking progress is crucial in keeping motivation levels high. That’s why Elite Trainr includes a feature allowing your clients to upload before and after pictures directly to the app. Say goodbye to endlessly scrolling through your camera roll and emails, and say hello to a more streamlined approach to mobile fitness business management.


At Elite Trainr, we provide flexible pricing customized to your personal training venture, regardless of its scale. Our clear, uncomplicated plans can save you significant amounts today and even more as your business flourishes. With Elite Trainr, your mobile fitness business management can be centralized onto one platform, removing the need for multiple separate apps. What’s even better – our pricing structure is success-friendly. As your business develops, you won’t be hit with unforeseen fees. Invest wisely in Elite Trainr, and drive your personal training business forward.

Still contemplating? We offer a risk-free, 14-day free trial. Experience the transformative effect of Elite Trainr on your mobile fitness business management firsthand!

Premium Elite Trainr

Ideal for a small team of Trainers or Fitness Clubs
$0 Billed Monthly

All Features Listed in Standard Package Add Unlimited Trainers Manage Team Members Community Boards Habit Coaching (Coming Soon!) Costumization (E-Mails, Programs, Color Scheme) Free Client Invoicing

Premium Client Tracking

Ideal for clients who want to optimize their results
$4.99 Billed Monthly

Access To Complete Food Library Food Swap Calculator (Coming Soon!) Foodbar Code Scanner Receipe Library Access To Complete Exercise Library Exercise Swapper (Coming Soon!) Tracking Assessment Set Reminders