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Welcome to Canada’s preferred App for fitness trainers – Elite Trainr. Seamlessly streamline your personal training business online with the arsenal of tools you need to proficiently devise and supervise fitness plans for your clients.

    coaching software
    Coaching Software

    01. Canada’s preferred App for fitness trainers

    3000+ animated workout GIFs


    A contemporary approach to training – our expansive library of more than 3000 animated GIFs, along with a multitude of customization possibilities, brings a new level of enjoyment to both trainers and clients using the Elite Trainr App.

      02. Canada’s preferred App for fitness trainers

      Track your nutrition, fitness and weight loss progress


      Our innovative Tracking module lets you document your entire fitness voyage:

      – Keep a tab on your cardio sessions, workouts, and your diet.

      – Pick from community-shared foods or add your own unique meals.

      – Upload check-in’s and progress snapshots.

      – Log your exercises for valuable feedback.

      – Achieve and surpass your objectives.

      Coaching Software


      For Trainers

      As a fitness coach, deliver tailor-made workout routines and nutrition plans directly to your clients. With the assistance of our elite coaching software, you can thrive in your profession without needing to sift through emails or scheduling in-person meetings.

      The ultimate tool for every personal trainer

      Leverage intuitive, user-friendly tools to devise workout schedules and personalized meal plans for your clients. Prefill it with readymade workouts and meal plans, cherry-picking from your go-to options based on what’s most suitable for the client. With our repertoire of over 3000 animated workout GIFs, preconfigured training program templates, and pre-set meals and recipes, simplifying your job has never been easier.

      e-mail overload? a thing of the past!

      Organize check-ins, queries, progress updates, and photos seamlessly. Say goodbye to confusing email threads and enhance communication efficiency. Can’t make it for a client’s workout? No worries! Let them know you’re there to answer their queries through the App, keeping them motivated and accountable. Notice a client struggling to reach their goals? Hold them responsible and instantly send them encouragement, urging them to level up and accomplish their objectives.

      Simplified team management

      If you’re coordinating with multiple trainers, managing your team is a breeze with the Elite Trainr App. Serving as an organization management interface, it provides an overview of your team’s tasks and client assignments.

      Brand your business

      Enhance your branding by stamping your emails and communications with your logo and business name. This fantastic opportunity lets trainers send out personalized emails, promoting your marketing efforts and enhancing brand awareness.

      For Clients

      As a client, enjoy uninterrupted access to your fitness coach and their custom-made fitness plans tailored for you. Ask questions, receive answers, and maintain focus towards achieving your fitness goals.

      YOur personal trainer -always by your side

      Get instant access to workout programs designed by your personal trainer anytime, anywhere. Plus, you’ll be privy to any meal plans or wellness advice your trainer may include.

      Progress and accountability

      Receive timely workout reminders, set your exercise duration and targets, and converse directly with your personal trainer on the best strategies to accomplish them. Record your progress by uploading photos and receiving reports on your achievements – and don’t hesitate to show off your success!

      Everything you need in one place

      Navigating through various fitness routines like yoga, cardio, strength training can be complex. Elite Trainr consolidates all these aspects into a single, user-friendly space – including your meal and supplement plans! Know what to eat, which supplements to use, and when. As your physique evolves, adjust your plans accordingly.

      Track your Meals, Workout, cardio sessions, ...

      Move past disorganized notebook entries or confusing phone notes. With the Elite Trainr Coaching Software, you can record everything from your workouts’ duration and intensity to your meals’ macronutrient and calorie content. Need feedback? You can upload videos of each exercise you perform for your coach to review!

      Redefine your personal training business with the most potent online tools.

      With Elite Trainr, you can zero in on your core strength – training people to become their fittest selves! No more hassles with paperwork or scheduling issues. We’ve got everything under control, freeing you to focus on your passion – aiding people in achieving robust health and maintaining fitness.

      Coach's Corner and in App Chat

      Effective communication is crucial – Engage effortlessly with your clients or other trainers to swap insights, discuss progress, or respond to queries at any moment.

      App for fitness trainers

      Client Invoicing

      Are you frustrated with manually billing your clients? Canada’s preferred app for fitness trainers empowers you to invoice all your clients directly from your phone.

      Multiplatform Support

      Enjoy the convenience of accessing the Elite Trainr App from your Phone, Laptop, or Tablet.


      Progress Tracking

      Progress is the prime motivator – which is why we’ve incorporated a feature for your clients to upload before-and-after pictures directly to our app. No more trawling through your camera roll or emails!


      At Elite Trainr, Canada’s Number 1 App for fitness trainers, we provide flexible pricing specifically crafted for your personal training enterprise, irrespective of its scale. Our streamlined, clear-cut plans won’t just provide savings now, but will continue to do so as your business flourishes. Unify all your needs onto a single platform with Elite Trainr, making multiple apps redundant. The best part is our pricing structure doesn’t penalize success. As your business expands, we won’t impose unforeseen fees. Invest intelligently in Elite Trainr, and catapult your personal training business to new heights.

      Still uncertain? Why not take us for a test drive with our risk-free, 14-day free trial, and witness the Elite Trainr difference firsthand!

      Premium Elite Trainr

      Ideal for a small team of Trainers or Fitness Clubs
      $0 Billed Monthly

      All Features Listed in Standard Package Add Unlimited Trainers Manage Team Members Community Boards Habit Coaching (Coming Soon!) Costumization (E-Mails, Programs, Color Scheme) Free Client Invoicing

      Premium Client Tracking

      Ideal for clients who want to optimize their results
      $4.99 Billed Monthly

      Access To Complete Food Library Food Swap Calculator (Coming Soon!) Foodbar Code Scanner Receipe Library Access To Complete Exercise Library Exercise Swapper (Coming Soon!) Tracking Assessment Set Reminders