All-in-One Personal Training Software

Top Rated Personal Training Software – Streamline your fitness coaching enterprise online with the features you require to effectively supervise and develop exercise plans for your clientele with our all-in-one personal training software.

coaching software
Coaching Software

3000+ animated exercise GIFs


Experience training like never before – Owing to our 3000+ animated GIFs and myriad customization options, both coach and trainee can immensely benefit from our all-in-one personal training software.


Monitor Your Nutrition, Fitness, and Weight Loss Journey


Our tracking feature empowers you to oversee your entire fitness path:

– Monitor your cardio sessions, workout routines, and diet plan.

– Select from a range of public foods or input your personalized meals.

– Upload routine check-ins and progress imagery.

– Document your exercises to receive feedback.

– Surpass and set new fitness milestones.

Coaching Software


For Trainers

As a fitness coach, provide tailored workout routines and diet plans directly to the client. Avoid the hassle of sifting through emails or coordinating in-person meetings with our all-in-one personal training software, empowering you to excel in your profession:

The Quintessential Tool for Every Personal Trainer

Leverage uncomplicated, accessible tools to formulate workout programs and tailor meal plans for clients. Preload it with pre-composed workouts and meal plans, choosing from your favorites based on the client’s unique requirements. With our 3000+ animated workout GIFs, training program templates, and pre-set meals and recipes, your job has never been more straightforward.

Bid Farewell to Emails!

Check-ins, queries, progress updates, and photos – Maintain an organized workflow and enhance communication efficiency by doing away with cumbersome email exchanges. Can’t be there for a client’s workout? No worries! Reassure them you’re accessible for any queries via the App and keep them engaged! Is your client not meeting their targets? Hold them accountable and instantly boost their motivation. Encourage them to reach the next level and fulfill their goals!

Team management made simpler!

Effortlessly manage your team, particularly if you’re collaborating with multiple trainers. The All-in-One Personal Training Software can serve as a comprehensive management interface, offering an overview of your team’s progress and their assigned clients.


Brand your emails and communications with your logo and business name. Utilize this excellent business opportunity – the capability for trainers to dispatch branded emails bolsters your marketing and awareness campaigns.

For Clients

As a client, enjoy 24/7 access to your fitness trainer and their customized fitness plans specifically designed for you. Pose questions, receive answers. Remain responsible and directed towards your goals.

YOur personal trainer - right in your pocket

Gain access to workout programs curated by your personal trainer at any time, from anywhere. Plus, you’ll have the chance to view any meal plans or non-workout advice your trainer might include.

Progress tracking and accountability

Receive reminders when it’s time for your workout, set exercise duration and goals, and speak directly to your personal trainer about how to best achieve them. Keep track of your progress by uploading pictures and receiving reports on your achievements – and take pride in showcasing them!

your entire health and fitness journey in one app

Juggling between yoga, cardio, strength training, and various other programs can be overwhelming. With our All-in-One Personal Training Software, you have everything consolidated in a single place – including your meal and supplement plans! Understand what to eat and which supplements to take, and when. As you notice your physique improving, you can modify everything on-the-go.

Monitor Your Meals, Workouts, Cardio Sessions, and More...

Bid goodbye to disorganized notebook pages or phone notes – with our all-in-one personal training software, you can keep tabs on everything from workout duration and intensity to the macronutrients and calories of your meals. Need some feedback? Not a problem: upload videos of every exercise you’re performing, and your coach can guide you!

Revamp your personal training business with the most potent online tools.

With our All-in-One Personal Training Software, you can concentrate on what you excel at – transforming people into their fittest versions! Bid adieu to managing paperwork or scheduling appointments. Everything will be handled for you so that you can focus on your passion – helping people become healthier and fitter.

Coach's Corner and in App Chat

Connectivity at its Best – Effortlessly converse with your clients or other trainers using our all-in-one personal training software to exchange insights, share improvements, or respond to inquiries around the clock.

Client Invoicing

Exhausted from manual invoicing? Our all-in-one personal training software empowers you to bill all your clients straight from your mobile device.

Multiplatform Support

Unparalleled Access – Conveniently engage with our all-in-one personal training software from your Phone, Laptop, or Tablet.


Progress Tracking

Motivated by Progress – We firmly believe that progress fuels motivation. That’s why we’ve introduced a feature for your clients to upload and save their transformation photos directly on our app. No more endless scrolling through camera rolls and emails!

Premium Elite Trainr

Ideal for Fitness Clubs or Fitness Chains
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